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AN UNIQUE AND HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY - A NEW DAY BREAKS IN GHANA-AFRICA As part of its annual forum, ATIG World in partnership with Soccercoin, and in accordance with its expansionist plan of its innovative Sport Community Project, a SOURCE OF HOPE for humanity in general, Africa in particular and GHANA AS PRIORITY, invited for the first time in the history to Ghana-Africa. Dr Nadya Al Mudahka, an illustrious member of the royal family of the kingdom of Qatar, with the aim of actively involving the kingdom of Qatar in supporting sport and culture in GHNAAFRICA Our warm greetings to Dr.KHALED SAAD ZAGHLOUL, arriving for the first time in Ghana from QATAR on the 10th July 2021, within the framework of Soccercoin Group and ATIG Groupís annual forum. We warmly welcome our illustrious and distinguished directors as members of the management team of ATIG WORLD - ATIG supports HERBULL Products - ATIG supports J'Ann Royal Children Centre - Our 2021 Annual Conference Coming Soon - ATIG Partner with Soccercoin